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♥ 54th
21:29 | posted by Rin
Vacation's almost over!
3rd quarter classes are going to start on Monday *u*

Anyway, have you guys heard? There's a person using my name and old url to comment on other people's tagboards. How lame is that? XD LOL let's not bother with such a pathetic character like that. I've managed to track that person down anyway XD

Now onto the main point of this post.

I HAVE A NEW LAYOUT! YEEEEYYY~~ it's pink orz but a-anyway ;;; It's kind of simple and I figured I should stick to simple designs for now. I like having navigation bars around though *u*

Hm, what else?
Oh, this term I have a foreign language subject *o* I hope it's Japanese. I need to study it again. But chances are, we'll be learning French. IDK. Probably?

SuJu's concert on April 10! I will not miss it D| I want to see Yesung ;A;
But then again, Hey! Say! JUMP's 2010 calendar will be released on April too /cryyy Oh what should I do? D:

I've decided to give up on people and start all over. I don't mind if they think of me as a heartless person or whatever. I think of them that way too, so I guess we're all even 8D

I want to meet up with Zodiac before school starts. But that's impossible, right? ...hm. Probably next week? I hope they have time.

So, I don't have much to say. I guess I'll end this post here 8D

Rin, probably the most stubborn person you'll ever meet. I refuse to lose and I stand by my words. A tsundere at heart lol. Let's all be nice little boys and girls, shall we? I don't like people who keeps testing my patience *u*

take it easy
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Thanks for dropping by~
Welcome, and I hope you have fun reading!
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